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Intra-Vehicle Information Security Framework

This paper presents an internal information security services framework for vehicular environments. The framework consists of a logical toolbox — a set of logical modules that are installed in a variety of embodiments (e.g., controllers) and which provide security functionality that vehicular applications require. The framework also includes several enablers, which are higher-level security functions that are integrated into vehicular applications. These enablers use the aforementioned tools to provide for many typical use-cases, such as secure logging, secure code update, and secure feature activation. Copyright belongs to Discretix Technologies Ltd. This paper was also published and presented in ESCAR 2009 (November, 2009) Download (PDF)

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Guide to Fault Attacks

This paper covers the various methods that can be used to induce faults in semiconductors and exploit such errors maliciously. Several examples of attacks stemming from the exploiting of faults are explained. Finally a series of countermeasures to thwart these attacks are described. By Hagai Bar-El, Hamid Choukri, David Naccache, Michael Tunstall, and Claire Whelan In Workshop on Fault Detection and Tolerance in Cryptography, Florence, Italy, June 30, 2004. Also published in the Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume 94, Number 2 (February 2006). Download (PDF)


Granted patents

  • US Patent 9,866,376 Method, System, and Device of Provisioning Cryptographic Data to Electronic Devices
  • US Patent 8,687,813 Methods, Circuits, Devices and Systems of Provisioning of Cryptographic Data to One or More Electronic Devices
  • US Patent 8,201,260 Device, System, And Method Of Digital Rights Management Utilizing Supplemental Content
  • UK Patent 2,434,673 Method, Device, and System of Securely Storing Data
  • US Patent 9,231,758 System, Device, and Method Of Provisioning Cryptographic Data To Electronic Devices
  • US Patent 7,467,304 System, Device, and Method of Selectively Allowing a Host Processor to Access Host-executable Code
  • US Patent 7,934,049 Methods Used in a Secure Yet Flexible System Architecture for Secure Devices with Flash Mass Storage Memory
  • US Patent 8,369,526 Device, System, and Method of Securely Executing Applications
  • US Patent 8,321,686 Secure Memory Card with Life Cycle Phases
  • US Patent 9,344,275 System, Device, and Method of Secure Entry and Handling of Passwords
  • US Patent 10,454,674 System, Method, and Device of Authenticated Encryption of Messages
  • US Patent 10,491,379 System, Device, and Method of Secure Entry and Handling of Passwords
  • EU Patent 2,189,922 Memory System with Versatile Content Control


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